Shawndell Oliver

“There is something powerful in the spirit of the horse that drives my creative vision.”
— Shawndell Oliver

Shawndell Oliver

As a native of Denver, Colorado, Shawndell Oliver has always harbored a deep and abiding love for the stunning landscapes of her home state, and the wild animals that inhabit it. As a child, she spent much of her time riding horses, and it is these gentle creatures that Shawndell attributes much of her creative spark too. Her work and her passion for animals have always been intrinsically intertwined, and with each painting, she strives to pay homage to the creatures and culture of the American West. Her work is bold, impressionistic, full of color and texture that captures the sweeping expanses and rugged terrain of the Colorado landscape. Her use of monochromatic colors and contemporary style gives her traditional subject matter a bold and modern presence, while still encapsulating the spirit of the Wild West.

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