Paul A. Bartlett

“My first attempts were to capture the dynamic elements of the surface of Lake Tahoe. The missing dimensions in pictures of the water surface are the ripples and the reflections that change from one moment to the next, and that also change with your angle of view.”
— Paul A. Bartlett

Paul A. Bartlett

Mr. Paul A. Bartlett, Ph.D. served as a Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley from 1973 to 2003. As an accomplished and well respected biochemist, his research concerned molecules involved in natural biological processes. The chemistry of these molecules depends on their structures, and their shapes in 3-dimensions play a key role. His obsession with "multi-dimensionality would lead him to into many strange hobbies, notably skydiving and scuba diving, who share the same freedom from the two dimensional plane.

It was inevitable that this fascination would find it's way into the art produced by Dr. Bartlett and lead him to develop what he calls an “Xtra-Dimensional” approach of presenting a photograph. By reproducing the image onto the backs of recycled aluminum cans and layering those fragments of the image in fluid overlapping patterns, he rebuilds the original image but with an added depth, a three dimensionality that captures the dynamic elements of an image. 

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