New Work from Michelle Courier

Every piece by Michelle Courier is based off a scene she's encountered while hiking in the Tahoe basin, or on her travels across the United States. She'll snap a photo, but these images never satisfy her desire to capture the true essence of a place; the way the light looks, the flashing reflections on the water, the shimmer of the heat off the rocks. Her work is impressionism blended beautifully with photorealism, so that from a distance, her work appears like a doorway into a beautiful place and time, a moment as real and precise as the present. Up close there is the sweet blurring of memory, a vagueness of outline and shifting of form that feels like something summoned up from the past. Much like our memories of being at the lake, Courier's work feels like a summer day, like sunlight on water and the warmth of the granite boulders that cluster at the shoreline.

We are thrilled to welcome these new works by this talented artist to Pacific Crest Gallery in South Lake Tahoe. Her deep love for Lake Tahoe and the beautiful, pristine wilderness surrounding it imbues every brush stroke and makes us yearn for another day on the shore. We are proud to represent this rising artistic talent exclusively on the South Shore, and are pleased to facilitate her discovery by new collectors and art lovers. Please stop by the gallery to experience these stunning pieces in person, or reach out to us with any questions.  

"Road Trip" by Michelle Courier
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