Private Oasis | Announcing the Oasis Collection from UNO de 50

The Oasis Collection

an escape from the heat

The Spring-Summer 2018 Collections by Uno de 50 takes us to the desert with this stunning sand-dune inspired series. Featuring handmade Swarovski crystals in the same varying shades of torquise as the rippling waters of an oasis and pearls whose opalescent gleam is reminiscent of the moon's pale face reflected on those waters. Hand crafted in Spain, each piece features silver-plated elements and sturdy leather cording, lending a casual elegance to this collection. The organic shapes and flowing lines of this collection draw directly from the elegant undulations of the dunes, and the delicate lines and waves the wind draws in the sand.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.50.40 PM.png

A diverse collection of bold, statement pieces like the Half Moon Ring and the Dune Necklace, as well as dainty, playful pieces like the Sahara Earrings and the Corraline Bracelet for a more understated looks. Thoroughly mixable and matchable, these pieces play well with others and finish off any look with a breezy, summer vibe.