Bill Steinman

“My work is not easy. I go out into the woods to legally pick out each individual piece of wood. Use a chainsaw to drop the dead tree, cut limbs, hand draw blade the bark, grind knots, then sand. Hours upon hours of sanding. My work is a labor of love!”
— Bill Steinman

Bill Steinman

Born in the heartland of Idaho, and a Tahoe local for two decades; Bill Stenman's over 20 years of wood working experience has made him deeply passionate about his trade and his love for trees. His work is exclusively made up of wood from trees whose death was natural or the result of a forest fire. His refusal to cut down living trees is both practical and sentimental; green trees take a very long time to dry, and they are beautiful and provide the world it's oxygen. His practice of utilizing flash-burned tree's is practical as well, for the heat treatment of a forest fire makes a piece of wood far less likely to crack or split over time. 

His works include many alternative natural medias besides wood, including metals and stone, and the incorporation of lighting elements. 

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